Chemical elements
    Physical Properties
    Chemical Properties
      Scandium fluoride
      Scandium chloride
      Scandium bromide
      Scandium perchlorate
      Scandium iodate
      Scandium sesquioxide
      Scandium hydroxide
      Scandium sulphide
      Scandium sulphite
      Scandium basic thiosulphate
      Scandium sulphate
      Scandium potassium sulphate
      Scandium ammonium sulphate
      Scandium sodium sulphate
      Scandium selenite
      Scandium selenate
      Scandium nitrate
      Scandium carbonate
      Scandium oxalate
      Scandium acetylacetonate
      Scandium orthoborate

Scandia, Sc2O3

Scandium sesquioxide or scandia, Sc2O3, is obtained by igniting the hydroxide, carbonate, oxalate, nitrate, sulphate, etc., of scandium. It is a white powder of density 3.864, and specific heat 0.1530 (0° to 1000). It is diamagnetic, the magnetic susceptibility being –0.05×10-6 c.g.s. electromagnetic units per unit mass. It dissolves slowly in cold, more readily in hot dilute acids, and very readily in hot concentrated acids, scandium salts and water being produced.

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