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Scandium carbonate, Sc2(CO3)3

Scandium carbonate, Sc2(CO3)3.12H2O, is obtained as a white, bulky precipitate when a soluble carbonate is added to a scandium salt. It has the above composition when air-dried. Scandium carbonate is rather unstable, and when dried at 100° it loses a little carbon dioxide (Crookes).

Scandium carbonate dissolves in hot aqueous sodium or ammonium carbonate. When these solutions are boiled, difficultly soluble scandium sodium carbonate, Sc2(CO3)3.4Na2CO3.6H2O, and scandium ammonium carbonate, 2Sc2(CO3)3.(NH4)2CO3.6H2O, are obtained as crystalline precipitates. These double carbonates dissolve without decomposition in a large volume of cold water, but when the solutions are boiled, basic salts or hydroxide separate (R. J. Meyer and Winter).

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